Bible Review | ESV Story of Redemption Bible

 The Story of Redemption Bible: A Journey through the Unfolding Promises of God leads readers on a journey through this storyline from start to finish, with conversational commentary written by pastor Greg Gilbert interspersed throughout the full ESV text. With the aim of encouraging interaction and contemplation passage by passage, Gilbert explains how every part of Scripture fits together and is ultimately centered on Christ.


Sing! by Keith Getty and Kristyn Getty

*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review* Title: Sing! How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church Author: Keith & Kristyn Getty Published: September 1, 2017 Genres: Non-fiction, Christian, Music Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ This short book on worship is insightful, practical, and encouraging. It's perfect for everyone— both new believers, and … Continue reading Sing! by Keith Getty and Kristyn Getty

C-Drama | A Love So Beautiful

It starts off with high school classmates Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen who are also neighbors. Xiao Xi, a cheerful girl who doesn't study much, is expressive about her admiration towards Jiang Chen, the popular guy known for his looks and high grades. Together with their fellow classmates the funny Lu Yang, athletic but loyal Jingjing, and cool swimming team member Wu Bo Song, they embark on high school life to university until their adult life.

Bible Review | NKJV Spirit-Filled Life Bible, Third Edition

This is such a beautiful Bible. The interior has a great layout and colors that are easy on the eyes. The material is smooth, and the Bible lays flat no matter where you're at. The pages aren't too thin and have a coating that helps you turn the page with ease. The font is a good size, and the words of Jesus are in red. The pages aren't tissue paper thin, so there's minimal ghosting. I think it's also worth mentioning that there are two ribbon bookmarks!

Sioux Center Sudan by Jeff Barker

Sioux Center Sudan is the story of Arlene Schuiteman, a missionary nurse who spent eight years in Sudan until her expulsion by the Muslim government. Arlene served as a public health nurse and teacher of nurses for over thirty-three years in Sudan, Ethiopia, and Zambia. When she turned ninety years old, she gave forty-six years worth of journals to Jeff Barker.