The Boss by Abigail Barnette

Goodread Synopsis: Sophie Scaife almost ran away once, trading her ticket to college for a ticket to Tokyo. But a delayed flight and a hot one-night stand with a stranger changed her mind, putting her firmly on track to a coveted position at a New York fashion magazine.

When the irresistible stranger from that one incredible night turns out to be her new boss – billionaire and publishing magnate Neil Elwood – Sophie can’t resist the chance to rekindle the spark between them… and the opportunity to explore her submissive side with the most Dominant man she’s ever known.

Neil is the only man who has ever understood Sophie’s need to submit in the bedroom, and the only man who has ever satisfied those desires. When their scorching, no-strings-attached sexual relationship becomes something more, Sophie must choose between her career and heart… or risk losing them both.


I don’t usually read erotica, but I kept seeing people on Tumblr talk about this book and it was free on Amazon so I decided to give it a shot. Unlike most people, the age difference didn’t bother me. There were times I’d remember that Sophie and Neil’s daughter were the same age and got a creeper vibe from Neil, then I shrugged it off.

I really don’t see what Sophie and Neil had in common outside their sex life. Sophie seemed very immature, more like a seventeen year old in a YA novel than a 24 year old woman. Some of the sex scenes did make me uncomfortable, mostly because BDSM isn’t my thing. I did read half of this book last year, and after five months I decided to finish it. I will admit, I enjoyed some bits of the book. The magazine company really intrigued me, but that ending made it go from 3 stars to two stars (more like 1.5) instantly.

My Review: tumblr_inline_nbptlpV9ce1qdokuq tumblr_inline_nbptl5RKBV1qdokuq

So the spoiler… Sophie found out she’s pregnant and Neil has cancer. What. The. Heck!?

When reading a sexy story, I DO NOT want to read about someone forgetting to take their birth control and not using a condom for once and getting knocked up. NO. Bleeeh. WHY?!


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