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Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

Goodreads: For twenty years Claire Randall has kept her secrets. But now she is returning with her grown daughter to Scotland’s majestic mist-shrouded hills. Here Claire plans to reveal a truth as stunning as the events that gave it birth: about the mystery of an ancient circle of standing stones about a love that transcends the boundaries of time …and about James Fraser, a Scottish warrior whose gallantry once drew a young Claire from the security of her century to the dangers of his…

Now a legacy of blood and desire will test her beautiful copper-haired daughter, Brianna, as Claire’s spellbinding journey of self-discovery continues in the intrigue-ridden Paris court of Charles Stuart in a race to thwart a doomed Highlands uprising …and in a desperate fight to save both the child and the man she loves…


I finally finished Dragonfly in Amber! I’ve been reading this book for ages. I started reading it immediately after finishing Outlander back in September, but decided to put it on hiatus until season two of the show started up.

The first half of the book takes place in France, and boy is it boring. There’s so much political talk and planning. Things really don’t pick up until around 350 pages in, around the time Claire, Jamie, and Murtagh go back to Scotland and the uprising begins.

(From what I’ve seen of the show so far, it’s honest to the books. There are a few differences that bug me.)

Gabaldon sure does love describing every single thing. After a while, I found myself scanning for any important information, or just skipping descriptions all together and just reading the dialogue. These books could be considerably shorter without all the page long descriptions, but I still enjoy them and highly recommend them if you like romance and historical fiction.

I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first book, Outlander, but I will be continuing with the series. I really love reading about Claire and Jamie’s adventures. The last quarter of this book is probably the best part, aside from Brianna who I don’t like one bit. The way DIA ended (HUGE CLIFFHANGER!) makes me want to start Voyager immediately.

My Rating: tumblr_inline_nbptlxaJcu1qdokuq tumblr_inline_nbptl5RKBV1qdokuq tumblr_inline_nbptlpV9ce1qdokuq tumblr_inline_nbptlxaJcu1qdokuq


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