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Where I Purchase My Books

Quite a few people in the online book community use The Book Depository. I’m not impressed with them at all. Yeah, they have free world wide shipping, and most UK covers are nicer looking than US covers, but they’re only a few dollars less than Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

If it wasn’t for Thriftbooks, I wouldn’t have half the books I own. I don’t like spending more than $7(USD) on a book, unless it’s a new release from an author I love. I also use Vintage Stock (a new and used media store), Hastings, thrift stores, and flea markets. A local thrift store has a bookcase full of books for $1 each. It’s pretty awesome!

Thriftbooks is currently doing a $100 gift card giveaway, click here for details. If you find anything you want on their site, you can get 15% off your first purchase using the code “SAVEMORE” at the checkout.


4 thoughts on “Where I Purchase My Books

  1. Yay, I’ve entered! I’m with ya on not wanting to spend a ton of money on books. I’ve never heard of thrift books before now, but will take a look. I buy almost all my books at thrift stores, and most of them are in fantastic condition 🙂 what a lovely post.

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