book review

The Universe of Us by Lang Leav

Goodreads: Lang Leav presents a completely new collection of poetry with a celestial theme in The Universe of Us.

Planets, stars, and constellations feature prominently in this beautiful, original poetry collection from Lang Leav.  Inspired by the wonders of the universe, the best-selling poetess writes about love and loss, hope and hurt, being lost and found.  Lang’s poetry encompasses the breadth of emotions we all experience and evokes universal feelings with her skillfully crafted words.


This was really incredible and made me feel very emotional. Here are some of my favourites:


That’s the tragedy of growing upknowing you’ll run out of feeling something new for the first time. The sad thing is you only get so many of those momentsa handful if you’re luckyand then you spend the rest of your life turning them over in your head.

I think that’s why you meant as much to me as you did, why I held on for so long. I didn’t know it back then, but you were the last time I would ever feel anything new.

Too Much

Are you like me? Do you give too much, too quickly? Do you throw yourself blindly at the world, thinking that it will always open its arms up to you?

Do you feel the slow turning beneath your feet, the shifting plates? Do you sense the streams of fissures roaring underneath like unrequited love, desperate for somewhere to go?

Do you feel the wind pulling back and forth, constricting and expanding, a perpetual cycle as vicious as it is tender, like when it hurts you to breathe but it’s the only thing that sustains you?

Are you like me? Do you live with the dial turned up at full volume? Can you taste the salt of the sea when you’re miles inland and the ocean feels like a fractured memory?

Are you like me? Are you alive or just pretending?

Collision Course

Tomorrow I will tell you that I love you. Nothing in the world can stop the maddening rush of those three words. I love you. I know you were born with your heart already broken. But the world began in pieces and somehow made itself whole.

Tell me where to put the stars. Show me how the oceans keep spilling over. Your smile is a blazing trail of light, shot down from the heavens. And I know how much this is going to hurt. But it’s too late for me to get off this collision course. Tomorrow I will tell you that I love you. And nothing in the world can stop the maddening rush of those three words.

Dark Room

Tell someone about me. I can’t bear to think that I have vanished from your world completely. I can’t stand the thought of resting like a silent tomb in your heart, shut away from the light. I don’t want to be an inscription on the first page of your book or the opening of a trilogy. Have you forgotten everything we spoke about? Could you live the rest of your life without speaking my name?

Tell someone about me; even if it hurts. You once told me that everyone has a dark room. Is that where you have put me? Do my photographs still hang on tenuous cords that twist into your memory?

Tell someone about me. Don’t let me fade away like a Polaroid. Time can be cruel in that way. But you and I are still living and breathing in this imperfect world. What could be a greater miracle than that?

Tell someone about me. I don’t want our story to end here, and your words may be the only thing that can save us. Relinquish your pride for just one momentput an end to this interminable silence and tell someone about me. Or tell the whole world.



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