2017 Goals

  1. Control my anxiety, and stop letting it control me:
    – Get out of my comfort zone at least once a month, and work up to at least once a week. (ex: going out by myself instead of with friends or family)
    – Stop being so afraid to talk to people, even on the internet. That’s why I started blogging, to help me talk to people about a topic that’s easy for me. Sometimes I’m talkative on here (comments), sometimes I’m not. Anxiety disorder sucks, guys.
  2. Get my driver’s permit.
    – Yes, I’m almost twenty-five and I’ve never had my permit. Every year since I was 16, I’ll say “This is the year!” then I panic and don’t go in to take the test. I did take driver’s ed in high school, so I do know how to drive. I just legally can’t drive, and hate taking tests.
  3. Daily Exercise:
    – Walk for at least 30 minutes every day, unless I’m sick.
    – Start lifting 3-5 days a week again.
    – Gradually get back into running.
    – Get back into yoga.
  4. Read at least 60 pages every day, and get my physical TBR down to the single digits by Christmas.
  5. Daily devotionals + journaling.
    Here’s a quote I saw on Pinterest earlier: “Many times when God isn’t changing your circumstances He’s mostly concerned with changing YOU within the circumstance. Your character, your inner strength, your integrity matters to Him because they are everlasting qualities. The wisdom, the strength and maturity that grows within you are all going to need to sustain the calling God has on your life. Know that there is a purpose in your pain.”
    – Brittney Moses
  6. Be creative daily!
    – Music.
    – Drawing.
    – Work on becoming a better writer + communicator, and figure out how to put the story that’s been going around in my head on paper.
  7. Drink a gallon of water or decaf green tea a day like I used to.
    – You have to run to the restroom a lot, at first, but your skin will thank you.
  8. Learn a new hobby.
    – Knitting & crocheting.
    – Jewelry making.
    – Painting.
  9. Get back on a normal sleeping schedule. 
  10. Exercise and read before getting online.
    – This will probably be the most difficult one. Haha…

2 thoughts on “2017 Goals

  1. I love your goals!! I’m tackling at least 7 of them myself (including controlling anxiety… I’m hoping doing things like being creative and exercising will help put me in a better place to cope). Good luck – you can do it! 🙂

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