December Wrap-Up

This month I played Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town on my super ancient Game Boy Advance SP. Harvest Moon is one of my favourite video game series of all time because one of my goals in life is to have a homestead, and live off the land as much as possible.

If you’ve never played Harvest Moon before, all you do in this game is plant crops, raise animals (chicken, sheep, cows… you also have a horse and dog), fish, mine, collect resources, befriend town folks, attend town events (horse races, sheep/chicken festivals, cooking festivals, etc) and get a male character to marry you so you can have a child.


Starting out is always tedious; you have a field full of rocks, weeds, and sticks that need to be cleaned up, but you can’t get rid of some of the rocks and some tree stumps until you’ve used your tools enough to upgrade them with an ore found in the mine.

The one thing I don’t like about the game is how five seconds in real life is 10 minutes in the game, so between the time and your character’s stamina/fatigue, you don’t have much time to water and harvest all your crops if you have an entire field full. Thankfully the game lets you befriend the Harvest Sprites to help you tend to your farm. If you befriend villagers, they can help you too. It’s much easier to befriend the Sprites though, just give them flour (50G at the market) every day, and once they have around five hearts, you’ll have the option to let them help you.

I always marry Cliff, by the way.


I started watching Andromeda while playing Harvest Moon… Growing up, I remember staying up late on Saturday nights just to watch this, Hercules, Xena, BeastMaster, Mutant X, Jack of All Trades, Cleopatra 2525, etc after watching Stargate SG-1 with my parents. It’s weird because these shows were all so cool to me growing up, now they’re really weird and awkward. I tried watching Xena a while back and couldn’t get through half an episode.

I think I got to season three of Andromeda before having to take a break? I’ll resume it soon.

Thanks to my awesome burnout, I only managed to read one full book this month, and that was Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I read half of Queen of the Tearling before I marked it DNF due to an insufferable slow plot, and a few issues with world building and characters. Before I even started Queen of the Tearling, someone spoiled the last book for me, and I thought I could get over it. I couldn’t.


4 thoughts on “December Wrap-Up

  1. I remember loving Hercules and Xena too!! And I’d totally forgotten about ‘Jack Of All Trades’ and ‘Cleopatra 2525.’ WOW. Thank you for the fantastic flashback! I haven’t watched any of these shows in years and you kind of have me wondering what it would be like to revisit the height of 90’s cool now. Although, when I encounter the aforementioned awkwardness, I can say you gave me fair warning.

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