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T5W: Book Trends I’m Tired Of

1) Instalove
Girl meets boy, and they fall in love without knowing a single thing about each other. Bonus points if the MC is a virgin and her deflowering is part of the plot.

2) Badass Female Assassins/Warriors/etc…
…Who really aren’t that badass. I’M LOOKING AT YOU CELAENA SARDOTHIEN (and other YA fantasy characters who came after the rise in popularity of the Throne of Glass series).

3) Teenagers Leading Rebellions
It’s overdone and annoying. Honestly, who would follow a teenager into a rebellion? Not meeee.

4) Main Character with Multiple Potential Lovers
I need some sort of ship in every book I read 99% of the time, but it drives me insane when the female main character has a line of guys swooning over her. It’s so unrealistic.

5) Orphan/Lost Parents/MIA Parents
Again, it’s overdone.

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