book review

Forgiven by Rachel (Rochelle) Morgan

This was a really short novella about Julia, the eldest sister of Sarah from The Trouble with Flying. One day, Julia randomly runs away from her home, boyfriend, university plans, and family in South Africa to live in England for ten months. While she’s gone, she doesn’t talk to anyone except for one of her sisters, and no one knows why she ran away… When Julia decides to go back to South Africa, she has to face her past and the reason she left.

Rachel Morgan wrote one of my favourite series, Creepy Hollow, and she writes under the name Rochelle Morgan for her contemporary series (this cover doesn’t have the name change for some reason). All of her books are free of harsh language, sex, and her contemporary books mention God and going to church, but there’s no pushy preaching that may turn some readers off.

The entire novella I was sitting there thinking, “What happened that was bad enough to make Julia run away to the other side of the world?!” Of course, the reasoning wasn’t mentioned until the end and I kind of feel dumb for not figuring it out sooner, but since I didn’t figure it out, I felt lots of suspense until the very end.

After the big secret was revealed, I couldn’t understand why she chose to run away to England, and not just another city in her country, which is why this only has a three star rating.


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