Dilwale (The Big Hearted)


Dilwale (2015) is my second Bollywood movie. I watched it last night, and at first I didn’t really care much for it, but towards the middle I started to enjoy it quite a bit! Forbidden romance is one of my favorite tropes in both movies, and books.

Raj is a mechanic living in Goa who raised his little brother Veer after their parents deaths. One day, Veer and his friend are out driving and see a woman, Ishita, hitchhiking because her scooter broke down and she has some papers she needs to turn in. Veer abandons his friend (who is peeing on the side of the road) to pick up Ishita and takes her to the place she needed to go, and damages the car on the way there. After seeing the car’s damage, his brother Raj makes Veer work in the shop all day and night.


Veer’s friend Siddhu gives him coffee at night to stay awake, but Veer still manages to fall asleep. Every time he falls asleep, something is stolen from a car.

There’s a local gang who tries to sell drugs, and the leader’s name is King. Veer fights the guys at a crab shack when he’s out with Ishita because they threatened her. When Veer is in the hospital, Raj’s men tell Raj where to find King’s hideout, so Raj fights the men, tells them his name is Kaali, and burns their entire drug stash. The next day, King stops by Raj’s shop (not knowing he’s Kaali) to make a deal, Raj will fix King’s cars in exchange for protection.


Fifteen years prior in Bulgaria, Raj/Kaali is in a car chase with a rival gang trying to make an offer on some gold, and he accidentally hits a woman named Meera. Raj/Kaali quickly gets out of the car to help Meera (who survived with minor injuries despite his speed), but the rival gang catches up to him so he has to leave quickly.


Raj/Kaali runs into Meera again, she’s a sketch artist, and he tells her he’s a gangster and the son of Randhir Bakshi, the leader of one of the gangs. Meera asks Kaali to help her with some guys who are harassing her. After they go on a date, Meera asks him to celebrate her birthday with her the following day. Kaali says he has a job to do, but promises to spend the evening with her.

The next day, Raj/Kaali is in another car chase and gets in an accident. He’s confronted by the daughter of a rival gang leader named Malik. She decides to spare his life…

Back in Goa (present day), Veer says he’s in love with Ishita. Raj wants to meet Ishita’s family, and discovers Meera is Ishita’s older sister. Veer, Ishita, and their friends come up with a plot to bring Meera and Raj back together.


What happened with Raj/Kaali and Meera is kind of spoilery, but I’ll just say this is like Romeo and Juliet.

Although this doesn’t have very good ratings on IMDb, I actually enjoyed it. Maybe when I’ve exposed myself to more Bollywood movies I’ll watch it again to see how I feel. The fight and car scenes were hilariously awful, but I liked the love story. The side story with King was pretty funny, too.


This scene was my favorite! It was so visually pleasing. I ended up giving Dilwale four out of five stars on Netflix.


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