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Books That Would Make Good Video Games

The Darkest Powers Trilogy (and the companion series Darkness Rises) by Kelley Armstrong is about a group of kids who are witches, sorcerers, necromancers, werewolves, etc. I think this is a YA spinoff to Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series? I haven’t gotten around to that yet, so correct me if I’m wrong.

In The Darkest Powers series, Chloe starts seeing ghosts but no one believes her, so she’s sent to Lyle House for mentally ill kids. Chloe finds out she actually is a necromancer, and that Lyle House is actually a place for kids with supernatural abilities, and the doctors there are really scientists who are doing experiments on the kids.

There’s not a whole lot of action, but it would be a short fun game for a younger audience, or those just getting into gaming.


The Leviathan Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld is an alternate historical fiction World War 1 retelling. The Germans are called Clankers and have advanced machinery (it reminds me of Wild Wild West a bit), and the British are called Darwinists, they have crossbred animals that they use as ships and other forms of transportation.

The visuals for this are so amazing! Ever since I read the series, I’ve wanted it to become a video game series or anime.


Mistborn: The Fallen Empire by Brandon Sanderson would be a phenomenal video game series! In this world, there are Mistings, and Mistborn. Mistings can control one Allomantic skill/metal, and Mistborn can control all metals. Not all people have these abilities though, only those with noble blood.

I’ve only read the first book so far, but in the first book a group of thieves try to overthrow the evil god-like Lord Ruler and save their people from slavery.


Across the Universe by Beth Revis is about Godspeed, a massive spaceship holding roughly 3,000 people plus the frozen people onboard, traveling to Centauri-Earth. Army officials, scientists, doctors, etc from Sol-Earth (which is the planet we live on now) were selected to be cryogenically frozen to be re-awaken on Centauri-Earth 300 years in the future. The main character Amy goes with her parents, and someone pulls her out of the cyro chamber and tries to kill her. When she wakes up, she finds out she has 50 years until her parents are awakened.

I think if it were to be a video game, it would be best to combine all three books into one game.

Although I personally wasn’t a fan of An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, I think it would make a pretty awesome video game!

This is about a brutal Romanesque world following Laia, who is a slave, and Elias, who is not only a soldier, but the son of The Commandant. Laia is trying to get information for the Resistance by serving the Commandant, and Elias wants to run away before his Mask graduation.


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