*I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*

Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount and His Confrontation With the World (A Study of Matthew 5-10) is two books in one. The first book on the Sermon on the Mount was six messages D.A. Carson gave. The second book on Jesus’s confrontation with the world is sermons that have been reworked.

This book has a similar layout as the study on Philippians I read and reviewed recently (click here to read my review). The only major difference is that the Sermon on the Mount part doesn’t have the excerpts at the start of each chapter, but quoted throughout. I found that liked reading the entire section the chapter had listed before reading the chapter so I could familiarize myself with whatever was bout to be said, then focus on a part or sentence at a time.

The chapter list:

Part 1: The Kingdom of Heaven: Its Norms and Witness (5:3-16), The Kingdom of Heaven: Its Demands in Relation to the Old Testament (5:17-48), Religious Hypocrisy: Its Description and Overthrow (6:1-18), Kingdom Perspectives (6:19-34), Balance and Perfection (7:1-12), Conclusion to the Sermon on the Mount (7:13-28).

Part 2: The Authority of Jesus (8:1-17), The Authentic Jesus (8:18-34), The Mission of Jesus (9:1-17), The Trustworthiness of Jesus (9:18-34), The Compassion of Jesus (9:35-10:15), The Divisiveness of Jesus (10:16-42).

There is more in the back of the book. Appendix A is reflections on critical approaches to the Sermon on the Mount (~20 pages). Appendix B is reflections on theological interpretations of the Sermon of the Mount (~10 pages).

I can best describe this book as a combination of preaching and teaching. Carson is very insightful, and really makes you think and examine yourself. Like with the last book I read, I took lots of notes! I highly recommend this study book to read by yourself, or with a group.