Contemplate the Bible Magazine


Contemplate the Bible Magazine is the Bible in magazine format. This magazine uses the World English Bible (WEB) translation, a Modern English revision of the 1901 American Standard Version. I found the translation very readable, and enjoyed it!


Having the Bible in magazine format is unique and fun. Plus, getting things in the mail is always really exciting! This magazine has high quality thick glossy paper, and is full of stunning images! The magazine features double page spreads (above) with Scripture quotes, full page images, and some pages have smaller featured photos wrapped within the text.


On their website, you can purchase individual magazine issues for $14.99 (or $12 on sale), or subscribe to receive 2 to 3 issues. A 2-issue subscription for September – November 2019 includes the Gospel of John and Behold! The Birth of Christ (Christmas edition), and is $20. The 3-issue subscription has the Gospel of John, Ephesians & Philippians, and Behold! The Birth of Christ (Christmas edition) for $30.

I received free copies from the company for a big Christmas giveaway I’ll be doing on Instagram. I was not told to write a review, but since I enjoyed the magazine so much, I wanted to share!

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