91R8L8doayLThe Unsaved Christian: Reaching Cultural Christianity with the Gospel was written by Dean Inserra. Inserra is a graduate of Liberty University and holds an MA in theological studies from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

While moving out of his seminary apartment, Dean Inserra ran into his neighbor who was heading to Northern California, while Inserra stayed in the Bible Belt. His friend said that the Bible Belt is the most difficult place to pastor because many think they’re Christian but they have no concept of the severity of sin, the necessity of repentance, the message of grace, and the overall meaning of the gospel.

This is a <200 page book on how to identify cultural Christians and get them to see themselves as lost before they can see their need to be saved. Throughout the book, Inserra goes through the types of cultural Christians (country club, generational, Christmas/Easter, etc) and provides some discussion questions to have a deeper conversation that leads to a gospel presentation.

Inserra covers a few types of cultural Christians, like…

  1. Country Club Christians are those who are self-focused, do no missions, and only treat church like a social club.
  2. Christmas and Easter Christians only go to church on those holidays.
  3. God & Country Christians who use a god as their mascot for sports and political rubbish.
  4. Liberal Christians who twist and misinterpret Scripture.
  5. Generational Christians are those who who go do all the rites of passage (like baptism) to keep up family appearance/reputation, and receive a false sense of assurance. (Heaven forbid you get saved and join another denomination!)

  6. Moral Therapeutic Deists, who believe that a god exists, that god wants them to be happy, and “good” people go to heaven… yet they still claim to be Christian but know nothing about the Bible or Christ. 

  7. Mainline Protestants who are vague (and fluffy, lets be real).
  8. Bible Belt Christians who live without a holy fear of God.

Chapter 10 was on God & Country Christians and churches. This is the type of Christian I see the most on social media (especially after the 2016 election). If there’s one part of the book I think the most people will get offended about, it’s this. Here’s a list sample of “You might be a God & Country Christian if…

  • You believe that your political party is the Christian party.
  • You would be more offended if your pastor endorsed a Democratic candidate…
  • Your social media profile would make one think that God’s chief concern is the flourishing of America.
  • You believe that “taking back America” is a mission of the church.

You might attend a God & Country Church if your church…

  • Has the American flag on display.
  • Your pastor implies that failure to vote is a sin or that winning an election is saving America.
  • Your pastor interprets Bible verses about Israel as if they are about America.
  • The congregation applauds more for soldiers than missionaries.
  • You think “Happy Holidays” is a war on Christianity.

*sips tea*

Honestly, this book didn’t meet my expectations. I was hoping for more encouragement. I did find that the author talked more about his personal experiences than anything else. He was repetitive at times (which did cause some boredom), but overall I think it’s a good book for those in ministry, church planting, or pastors to read.

The book wraps up with…

  • The gospel is not church attendance.
  • The gospel is not “be sincere and a good person”.
  • The gospel is not theism.
  • The gospel is not heritage.
  • The gospel is not an ethnicity.
  • The gospel is not making Jesus your copilot or your lucky charm.

*I received a free copy from MP Newsroom in exchange for an honest review*