Before the Throne by Crickett Keeth

Before the Throne: Finding Strength Through Prayer in Difficult Times is the latest Bible study by Crickett Keeth. I loved her first study On Bended Knee. I found it so helpful.

This is an 8-week study featuring Moses in his times of disappoinment, the Psalms in times of need, Jonah in times of disobedience, Hezekiah when finding strength for battle, Habakkuk in times of questioning, Jesus on intercession, Paul in finding strength through hardship, and Revelation in times of worship.

Each week has an introduction followed by 5 individual days. The author doesn’t have a ton of personal stories and commentary like many women’s Bible studies. She keeps the study focused on Scripture and what we can learn from their prayers and situations. Then at the very end of each day there are just a few questions for self examination and how we can strengthen our prayer life and relationship with God.

This is a very solid Bible study that will enrich your prayers. Highly recommended.

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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