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April Wrap-Up

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m still not reading very much due to a slump!

In April, I read 123 pages of Midnighers: The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfeld before marking it DNF. The book just wasn’t gripping me the way I wanted it to, and reminded me a lot of L.J. Smith. I feel really weird about not finishing a Scott Westerfeld book since I loved Uglies and Leviathan so much. I bought the entire trilogy on Thriftbooks too. 😦

After DNFing The Secret Hour, I read and listened to Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan (read my review here), and a novella called Lalibela’s Wise Man by Matshona Dhliwayo (review).

I then picked up The Fall of Lucifer by Wendy Alec and read 25 or so pages before wanting to pull my hair out due to the descriptions.

On the 30th, I started Peeps by Scott Westerfeld and read around 40 pages before realizing A Court of Wings and Ruin would be coming out soon, and it was kind of stupid of me to start a book before a highly anticipated book was released! I just finished the first part of A Court of Wings and Ruin and O-M-G.

If Sarah J Maas wasn’t on the title for ACOTAR and Throne of Glass, I would think they were written by different authors. ACOTAR is sooo much better than Throne of Glass. They are on completely different levels.


The long-awaited season two of Attack on Titan aired April 1. I haven’t had cable for very long, and I keep forgetting that Adult Swim has anime. I’ve been watching the show in Japanese. I really hate the dubbed version! The voice actors don’t match, especially Hange. Hange’s gender is never mentioned in the manga, and the voice actor in English is so feminine.

I thought this season would drag on a bit because of the story arc, but it’s going super fast. I’m kind of sad there’s going to be less episodes this season than the first season! I hope we don’t have to wait years for the third season.

May plans? Try to get over this stupid slump.

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Attack on Titan: Season 2 Ep. 2

A majority of the episode follows our potato loving Sasha!

Before Sasha joined the Survey Corps, she lived in the forest with her dad. Before, she didn’t care much for the people inside the city districts, but over time she became kind and caring. There’s a short flashback with her father, then another one with two younger girls, Ymir and Krista, from the Survey Corps.

In the previous episode, the group splits up to warn villagers that titans have breached the walls, so Sasha goes to find her old village and comes across a titan inside a house eating a little girl’s mother. Sasha grabs the little girl and makes it her main priority that the child escapes unharmed while they’re being pursued by the titan. Sasha is so brave and awesome in this episode.


This episode also has Connie going back to his village, and this titan is sitting on the remains of his house. As you can see from the picture below, the titan’s limbs are way too small to support the rest of the body.

I feel like this episode was a bit rushed compared to the manga, and from the looks of things, they’re really going to pack a lot into this season!

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Attack on Titan: Season 2 Ep. 1

Warning: This post may contain spoilers. The first episode of the second season of Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin aired yesterday, April 1! Non-manga readers probably experienced a lot of shock and emotional damage with the first episode! If you haven’t watched this episode yet, IGN posted some ways you can watch it online.


If you didn’t watch the after credits scene on the last episode of season one, you’ll discover there’s a titan inside the wall, and its face is peeking out from some damage Annie did while climbing up the wall in titan form. Pastor Nick from The Church of the Walls comes up to Hange (whose gender and pronouns are unknown to me) and says to keep the titan out of the light, so they cover the hole in the wall with some cloth. Hange grabs Nick by his shirt and holds him over the edge from the top of the wall to get answers. Nick would rather die than reveal the truth, and he knows Hange, with their kind soul, won’t let him fall.

Titans can run and it’s horrifyingly hilarious.

Somehow titans have gotten inside Wall Rose and it rewinds 12 hours earlier with 104th Training Corps; Sasha, Connie, Reiner, Bertolt, Mike, etc who are stationed outside Wall Sina. Nine titans are heard/seen inside wall Rose and the corps split up to notify the villages. Mike breaks off from the group to distract the titans and seems to have the upper hand until the beast titan shows up.

We get to see some brief appearances from Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and Erwin, however most of the episode focuses on the rest of their group and Hange.

I’ve been reading the manga online, thanks to some people on Tumblr who try to translate it the day it releases, so I’m pretty pumped to see how the anime tells the story, and how fans will react to the big twist!

Here’s the English translations of the new opening title I found, and a video of the audio is below the lyrics.

Shinzou wo Sasage Yo! (Devote Your Heart!)

I wanted to believe that there was no worse hell than this
But even so, when Humanity’s day of disaster comes, it is always without warning…
The sound that raps upon our door is unfailingly a harsh and rude one
Coming uninvited, the day of disaster is like a nightmare…

Those who betray the bygone past
Are enemies who should be exterminated!
With what kinds of expressions and eyes
Did they watch us that day?

What must we throw away to be able to win out over the devil?
Even our lives and our souls aren’t too great a price to pay!

Devote! Devote!
Devote your heart!
All the sacrifices
Have been for the sake of this moment right now

Devote! Devote!
Devote your heart!
With your own hands, tear your way through
To the future we should progress toward!