The Qur’an and the Christian by Matthew Aaron Bennett

Islam is one of my favorite religions to read about. It was due to a Muslim contacting me through my blog that I got into apologetics and started reviewing Christian books for publishers.

Bennett’s book is to help Christians come to an understanding about Islam and their Muslim neighbor so meaningful conversations can be had. I’ve read a few books about Islam (and watched countless videos) and this one is probably my favorite because it’s so pack full of information and shows the reader the history and basics of Islam at a layman’s level.

Part 1 opens up with a brief bio of Muhammad and how the Quran was revealed. Bennett says that the Quran stops short of the intimate, interpersonal knowledge of God as Father. The relationship between the Islamic god and Muslims is that of a servant and master. Because Islam denies the Trinity, it rejects God as a loving Father with an interpersonal relationship from eternity past.

Part 2 goes into explaining the Quran and how Muslims believe Jews and Christians mishandled and misunderstood the Torah, Psalms, and Gospels. There’s lots of comparasions between the Quran in Bible in this part, and it’s fun to read about.

Part 3 is covers a lot of grounds on how Christians can use the Quran (but we shouldn’t read it if it violates our conscience). There’s a bit on how Islam and Christianity have the same words (sin, atonement, salvation) but drastically different meanings followed by key characters in the Quran and how they differ from the stories we see in the Bible. The book wraps up with some methods used by missionaries.

The Quran and the Christian shows that there is absolutely no way Christianity and Islam can be reconciled. This book provides enough information for Christians to approach Muslims in confidence. Highly recommended!

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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